Friday, April 16, 2010

My Love Story

Its 3 years 2 month and 10 days ago. Its my 1st love. We get into relationship after we know each other for almost two weeks. I still remember we dating at bowling alley on valentine day. The bracelet from you is my 1st valentine present for the 16years. I like it so much but i lost it..T.T I lost my important and the only memory i have with you just because of my careless. I hate myself that time. Still remember the time we pass in ktv. I miss that time much. You know, how hope am i it can be last longer. I miss your hug and your warm hand. I wish you can hold me forever. But, my wishes have been break by rumour. I heard allot of that. I don't know why you don't even explain any of them to me. Maybe we are too young that time, don't know what is believer between two lover. When i know how important are you to me and know the meaning of believer, its too late. Your love to me have gone. Feel disappointed to me right?? I disappointed to myself too. Now i know, we had to catch our love when it come. If you didn't take care or mind it, it will gone even it is true love. Once it gone, it too late for us to regret. It will not come back. I know the feeling of regret. Its hard, sad and bitter. Until now i regret the decision i made that day. But at least i know he live better without me. I feel happy for him. Although sometime I'll miss the time together with him but its a sweet memory for me. It will last forever in my heart. Now, I try my best to live well without you and find the happiness that belongs to me myself. Hope you made it too :)

* Live you life without regret and appreciate what you have now*

Just to say that I miss you. .

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life of 2010

I know you guys is complaining,
I'm now updating my blog.
so, stop blaming me OK??
especially is you Lin Hui!!

I having a nice day today.
Having a new experience of being d guest of hotel management exam.
Have a good lunch with my fren,Georgy, Chun Teik and Lin Hui..
Of course have to thanks Seng Kin for inviting.
If not becoz of d invitation, we wont have this kind of experience hehe ^^
I love d chocolate "mouse" much haha.

At nite, go midvalley with uncle loong and chun teik.
Having a nice dinner and shopping time wit them hehe..
Teppanyaki + Baskin Robbin = Nice dinner
And have a nice talk though ^^

Conclusion of the day: Having a great day. Appreciate the time spending with u guys. I am so
happy today.. :)
**This is the happy post ,no more emo post,Nelson. hahak**

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After Raya Holiday

Wa!!so lazy to start my study after 1 week holiday..but midterm is cuming just left 3 weeks more..die..this few day keep on sleep and on9,so duo semangat to study at all...swt -.-'''

Y'day surgical pioneer student was cuming..OMG!!so many chinese guy n most important is they look smart n happy finally got leng zai edi haha...and my new roomate was so pretty n nice too..nt bad nt bad..hostel gt leng lui,schol gt leng zai haha...^.^

Huh!!lazy ar..duno wanna do wat..nt spirit to do anything..haix..k la..its time to continue my duo luo haha..tatax...

#LAZY................DUO LUO...................#

My Raya Holiday

I have went Sekinchan with my family on last sunday--Raya holiday....we eat alot of delicious seafood at there haha...tat picture above was take at the sawah padi in sekinchan..very nice rite..erm i meansd background haha...n i meet yen yen at there too..she go bak attend her's cousin wedding party n i meet her when i eating hehe...tat was a nice trip 4 me coz cn meet my old fren n eat lot seafood haha...

We went to Pagoda Condong at Teluk Intan ntg to shop wan...juz take pic wit tat Pagoda :)

Attend S4 gathering at tues nite...get syok when i many ppl are attend..tis was the 1st gathering tat have so many S4 members attend...miss all of them..and having a nice tues nite wit them...many of them have change but stil tat childish as last funny..22sept is nt juz S4 gathering bt oso tsu qi b'day too...we greet her 1 by 1 by using chong yong phone..wat a pity chong yong..tis month his phone bill sure will be expensive..sorry la chong yong hehe...^.^he attend d gathering oso bt we din talk n 0%contact...mayb tat's the best way 4 two of us...since he stil act cool to

#50% enjoy + 50% boring =my raya holiday :) #

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My college life--7(Exam week)

Wow...already stop blogging 4 two weeks..quite a long time..tat was so much thing happen last 2 if wan list out all of them qill be very very i juz write some important event that happen..last 2 week i din go home..d 1st weekend i stay in hostel..think to study coz having test on d following go times square wit fren..i spend a lot of money n time on tat day..anyway tat's fun la..then,d nex day we shop,d conclusion is i spend my time in shopping more den study time..finaly,i die in my class test..i think i will get lot of "red egg"in this class test..DIE....................

Anyway,already 1 month i start my college life..noe a lot of fren n having fun with them..they are so cute n childish..haha..i found bak my smile when spend time wit them..and learn alot of knowledge frm lecture..hope time cn past faster so tat i cn bcum professional faster bt i noe tat's juz a matter how i will study hard 2 achieve my goal..wakaka..nw i'm so motivated kaka..

o ya..i'm nw recover frm d past feeling..d past i will let it go by time n wont tink bout it anymore..its a sweet memory bt nt a obstruct tat stop my way..start frm 2day,it will remain as sweet memory while i will start rush to my way so tat i cn catch bak all d time tat i waste b4..goodbye d sumone...we will b meet bak if miracle will stay inside my deep heart n wnt cum out anymore..until.........mayb i start my work??or meet u bak??duno least 4 this temporary 5 years,it wont b shown....


Thursday, August 13, 2009

My college life-6 (a new experience)

Wednesday went midvalley wit college fren..tat was a 1st time we take bus frm schol to other interesting haha..we go at 4.30pm juz after the course..when we reach there,we meet a strange salesman & a strange salesgal..they say me n my fren--siaw yie are sis swt..lik tat oso cn..they keep on persuade us to wrote down our name n contact num to show we support their "charity" witout pay any money..but juz after we wrote our name n contact num,there have a column tat write how much we cheat our money??nt so easy..siaw yie hold my hand n we run away..fortunately gt siaw yie..if nt....i sure ill b cheated haha..we bak at 8.30pm..tat was so late..2 gal stand at d bus stop tat no lamp post n wait til 8.55pm..tat 's quite danger de le..sumtime still gt bangalah pass scary finaly bus was cuming..finaly haha..we reach hostel almost 9.30pm d late n tired so din blogging haha..lazy 2day de blog will b vry vry long haha..

y'day juz lik normal lo..ntg happen de actualy..class quite fun cz we are playing d skeletal 'man' haha..d whole skeletal 'man' let us turn here n there..nt scare it will pain oso haha..wanna take pic wit d skeletal 'man' wan bt my fren dun wan so din take lo hehe..actualy 2.30pm still gt class de but finaly class cancel cz lecture gt important thing 2 do no class is boring la..ntg do at all..comp ntg play oso haha..almost 5pm sth, my 2 college fren(teng n lin hui) cum n visit me while waiting Karen(another fren) bak..they 2day gonna slp at hostel n wan have a hostel nite experince..get a boom frm go bak home dun wan,wanna stay hostel cute n funny la them haha..they go 2 karen(another fren) room slp when she is bak frm outside..i get a good news frm my ns fren oso..she will cum kl visit us on 20sept..miss her so much haha.hope cn c her soon..n y'day finaly!finaly i watch transformer 2..wait 4 so long time oli cn watch..i nw tat was outdate d bt at least i watch it ma haha..

2day class start at 11.30am o hehe..lecture so bad la..arrange our class at 11.30am bt nt 9am..if 9am,den i cn bak home at 11am lea..nw stil have 2 study til 1.30pm oli cn bak nvm la as long as can go bak ad vry happy haha..start frm next week i rely gonna study will less on9 i will try 2 post my blog often la hehe..k la gonna keep my thing n prepare 2 schol d hehe..byez...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My college life-5

so long time din post d haha...moody le those nw recover d haha...recover frm my sad feeling....finally...lolx...happi le..found bak d study good!!!!!!!!!!kaka...

2day's class full tired...whole day inside d lecture hall n suffer frm freezing haha..d air-cond so strong la aiyoyoyo...later get sick haha...Heard behavior science teacher's news 2day...din get his/her news juz right we start study...he/she oways take mc n we din have chance 2 c he/she oso fren told tat d teacher get H1N1 so resinged d...nw waiting d new wonder haha..hope d teacher recover soon la..althought i din saw her b4 hehe...

nw rely excited 2 study..2nite cn study til late 2ml ptptn oli...ntg do cn slp longer haha...k la gtg...bye...

''HAPPI SHIN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''